What is unique about zen laundry

The Zen Laundry Experience

It’s important to understand that getting from here to there may not always be linear and may often be a quick experience or sometimes a lengthy one. If we think about doing laundry, there are different components of the experience:


Identify your coaching goals

Deep dive into your current reality and barriers
Use of coaching frameworks to establish a way forward


Implementation and personal accountability
Sometimes there are additional steps or special needs:
Spot Removal
In the moment barriers
Barriers related to past trauma
Bleach Required
Additional frameworks used to achieve balance
Your place of Zen does not have to be a destination. It can be an integral part of your daily spiritual awareness. My approach is to work with you very intentionally and determine where you are currently, where you want to be, and what is getting in the way of you getting there. Your coaching will be extremely relatable, practical and in ideal state, enlightening. 
Grab your detergent, and let’s get started!
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Grateful and humble, just your average “Jim” I’m always looking to hear and learn from others as they share their experiences.

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