What is this all about?

The story behind my coaching practice is interesting. I was attending a coaching conference, where it was suggested that we outsource our laundry to lessen the burdens we carry from week to week. Novel concept, huh? My thought and question to the facilitator was, “What if we enjoy doing laundry? What if it’s meditative?”. This is where Zen Laundry all began. There are things that we do in life that take us out of the chaos of thought. If you’re reading this, you can probably identify – it could be something as simple as cooking, gardening, or even doing your laundry. What I realized about laundry, is that there are different cycles to manage the cleaning of different fabrics, or different degrees of “airing out”. Not to liken our disconnect from a spiritually balanced existence as something that is dirty, I do feel that there are parallels that can be made between how it is we get to “zen” with how it is we clean our clothes. That’s why I’m here – to help you launder the ins and outs of life, to lessen or eliminate the noise, to add the right amount of detergent, or fabric softener to get you to a space of consistent balance, or to help you reach that short or long term goal. I’m your outsourced life laundrette. 

Grateful and humble, just your average “Jim” I’m always looking to hear and learn from others as they share their experiences.

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