let me tell you about myself

Let Me Tell You About Myself 

I AM SO GLAD YOU’RE HERE! Let me tell you why … As I’ve walked my spiritual healing journey, I’ve had the pleasure of making meaningful connections along the way. These relationships have helped me in my process. I come from a lot of life happenings, from parental suicide, sexual, physical and emotional abuse, addiction, consistent loss, chronic illness and an attempted suicide. It’s been a long haul and has been quite exhausting at times. I share this level of transparency and vulnerability as a means to establish connection and offer the opportunity to build healthy  relationships, not only in my personal life, but in my professional coaching life as well … with you … my client. Relationships are important. They allow us to be seen, which is fundamental in how we approach our spiritual identity and how it is we relate to the world. I traversed corporate employment for many years. It is there that I realized that I needed to coach. Not wanted to coach, but needed to. As I’ve balanced spiritually, I’ve intuitively been able to connect with purpose. At least my purpose in this now moment. Professionally, coaching is what I’m called to do. And, for me, it serves a greater healing that I personally feel needs to happen at global scale. In addition to coaching, I am proud to be working with Lumia Coaching, the coaching firm where I received my certification and am working towards my ICF accreditation, as an Operations and Business to Business Coaching Program Developer. I self identify as a practical mystic, healer, and spiritual practitioner. Grateful and humble, just your average “Jim”, I’m always looking to hear and learn from others as they share their experiences – This brings me closer to an understanding that there is a oneness that we are all part of – a bigger picture that is fragmented into our individual life realities. I look forward to meeting you – Doing some laundry – And, helping you get to wherever you need to go in terms of your own spiritual well being and balance. Until then, love yourself, and remember that your reality is for sure created by what and how you think. Think big and think kindly.



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Grateful and humble, just your average “Jim” I’m always looking to hear and learn from others as they share their experiences.

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