I help people discover, uncover or connect, to life purpose and balance by airing their Spiritual Laundry

The Zen Laundry experience

For many of you, living in this post-pandemic world has changed how it is you connect to yourselves in an attempt to find balance. It’s not always baggage that you’re dealing with. Sometimes it’s just laundry. My commitment is to walk with you as you find your spiritual compass, your unique place of Zen. We’ll do this using the simple process of doing laundry as the framework. 


Why Spiritual Coaching?

  • Finding internal balance allows you to exist in a flow state, or in other words, following the path you were meant to follow. 
  • Allows for conscious and subconscious movement towards positivity, a healthy, balanced mindset, and purpose.
  • Creates an environment where you are able to define your own understanding of spirituality is and how putting it into  practice regularly can enhance your daily life


I believe that a fundamental component of spiritual actualization is the prioritization of self. Understanding that YOU are the only you on this planet is something to celebrate. The fact that you are here is a big step. Curiosity specific to healing, personal growth, and self-awareness are functionally relevant to your spiritual journey. Congratulations for getting here. Let’s do some laundry!

What is this all about?

What I realized about laundry, is that there are different cycles to manage the cleaning of different fabrics, or different degrees of “airing out”. Not to say spirituality is as simple as doing laundry, the two share similarities in how it is we step into a process. One component of our process depends on the effectiveness of the other parts. This is why I’m here – to help you launder the ins and outs of life, to lessen or eliminate the noise, to add the right amount of detergent, or fabric softener to get you to a space of consistent balance, or to help you reach your short or long term goals. I’m your outsourced life laundrette.

Finding Your Path to Spiritual Balance
Will Be Achieved in Four Cycles

Pre-Wash / Soak

Identify your coaching goals


Deep dive into your current reality and barriers


Use of coaching frameworks to establish a way forward


Implementation and personal accountability

Zen Laundry is Your Spiritual Washing Machine –
It’s Not Always Baggage. Sometimes It’s  Just Laundry!

V.E. – “Jim was my coach long before he was certified. His presence and ability to listen have always made me feel safe and seen. He has talked me off the proverbial ledge many times. In his practice, vulnerability is the standard because of the unique space he creates. I am blessed to call him MY life coach”.

J.B. – I worked with Jim for a few months and during that time I was able to conjure the strength that I needed to face my situation head-on. Jim was a sounding board for information that I subconsciously knew, and he helped bring the answers that I was seeking to the surface. I appreciate the tools that Jim provided which helped me sort out my thoughts. Jim is an engaged, active listener and cleared a space for me to remember my own personal power. With each session there was an improvement, which let me know that the sessions were working. I have worked with a few therapists and coaches over the years, and have never noticed profound positive results. One of the best ways to help others is to show them how they can help themselves. I’m thankful to Jim for showing me that, and assisting me on my journey”.

E.M. – ” ‘Invaluable’ – I have been challenged to think about WHY I am making the decisions I’ve made with my extended family. Through rich conversations and provocations, while meeting with Jim Graziano, I’m reminded it is essential to have self-introspection to define what is mine to OWN and what isn’t. Massive strides are being made with each conversation I truly appreciate it like a fresh breath of air. I feel like a completely different person…thank you again for helping me make that transition!”

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Grateful and humble, just your average “Jim” I’m always looking to hear and learn from others as they share their experiences.

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